2015-2016 Class information will be posted on Thursday, April 30.
Registration for current Heritage families will open on May 7.
Registration for new Heritage families will open on May 11.


Our Purpose
Located in Kalispell, Montana, Heritage Learning exists to offer a variety of weekly, year-long classes for home school students. Upholding a Biblical worldview, Heritage teachers encourage students to honor the Lord and use their God-given abilities through careful study.

At Heritage it is our goal to do more than just impart knowledge; we want to help raise up children who are passionate about learning, equipping them for a lifetime of studying and serving God. To accomplish this, we use excellent curriculum, engaging lectures, exciting hands-on activities, and expert teachers. All we ask is that the students wholeheartedly enjoy and diligently participate in the process. As an old Chinese proverb reports, “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” What a privilege it is to take every thought captive and commit our studies to the Lord!

Our Partnership
As fellow home school parents, we know the daily challenge of building character, completing school work, and teaching the full breadth of material. It is our goal to partner with parents to provide a learning environment and class opportunities that might not be possible at home. At the same time, we strive to maintain a structure that allows the flexibility and parental instruction that home schooling affords.

The courses at Heritage exist to supplement and complement the work of parents as they educate their child. In class, hands-on activities and instruction are provided by the teacher and assignments are sent home for completion. Parents are to hold their child accountable for completion of all work and preparation for tests, quizzes, and labs. This creates a dynamic partnership: gifted teachers and a classroom environment combined with parent-directed, home-centered education.

Our Privilege

We invite you to spend a few minutes perusing our website to learn more about us, our classes, our teachers, general information, and the registration process. Don’t forget to check out the photo gallery for a peek at our classes and student artwork.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email (heritagelearningkalispell@gmail.com) or phone (406-257-8799). We look forward to hearing from you!

Come and experience with us the joy of in-depth study as we seek to pass on a heritage of passionate learning and a legacy of faith!