K-5th Math: Curriculum suggestions available upon request.  Heritage does not offer elementary math other than our Math skills class on Thursdays focused on learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division math facts in a fun and competitive environment. 

6th-12th:    Lisa Angle, a former Heritage math teacher who now lives in Washington, offers math online for our Heritage students.    Heritage students will REGISTER for math through Heritage.  


Fees:  $410 per year per class, payable to Heritage monthly.  See Tuition and Fees page form more information. 

Information regarding each math class, including placement tests and prerequisites, may be found HERE.  Please DO NOT REGISTER for math through this link to CLRC.  You may register your student through Heritage to receive the 35% discount offered to our students. 

Math will be offered online, as follows:  



8:30-10 Algebra I

10:00-11:00 Pre-Algebra

11:00-12:00 Basic Math

12:30-1:00 Geometry  (Also offered online each summer from May-July for $280)


8:30-10  Algebra 2

10:00-11:30  Pre-Calculus

11:30-1:00 Calculus

Please note:  Math will begin the last week in August to allow our students to settle in before regular Heritage classes begin in September.  Sometimes the math breaks do not line up with the Heritage breaks.