10th-12th Grade Calculus


Students work at home.  Math courses for 6-12th grade students meet online.  Pre-requisites apply; see math course descriptions.


Course meets online Fridays, 11:30am-1:00pm


Tuition - $410. $50 paid at time of registration. Remainder of tuition will be billed in 9 equal payments beginning August 2019.


Calculus reviews and builds  upon Pre-Calculus to help prepare students for college Calculus. Topics include limits, rate of change, curve sketching, derivatives, antiderivatives, beginning integration techniques and applications.

This course includes 1.5 hours a week of live instruction with plenty of opportunity for sample problems and questions with the instructor. In addition, it employs a dynamic software product. This unique combined approach gives students both the benefit of the best of mathematics instructional technology while also having access to a real instructor who can help them through difficult problems they encounter. As students complete homework assignments they find out immediately if their answer is correct, have access to detailed sample solutions when needed, are provided with additional practice problems, and may easily contact the instructor with comments or questions. Short video clips are also provided for most topics to reinforce in-class instruction. Quiz and test problems are displayed online; students work out these problems on paper for submission to the instructor for partial credit. Assignments, due dates, grades, and cumulative grade averages are easily available for students and parents. This software product is currently used in middle schools, high schools, and nearly every college in America. Mrs. Angle has used it personally with students from 12 — 80 years old. It is a tremendous learning aid!