9th-12th Grade Geometry


Students work at home.  Math courses for 6-12th grade students meet online.  Pre-requisites apply; see math course descriptions.


Course meets online Wednesdays, 12:30-1:00pm

Tuition - $410. $50 paid at time of registration. Remainder of tuition will be billed in 9 equal payments beginning August 2019.

This course covers geometric reasoning through postulates, theorems, and proofs (Euclidean geometry). Topics include area, volume, surface area, transformations, symmetry, logic, polygons, proofing, congruence, circles, similarity, and beginning trigonometry. The students will learn necessary postulates and theorems as they go along. They will begin their proofing experience by adding statements to proofs which are mostly completed and move towards more open-ended proofing as they gain confidence. Some of the proofs are auto-graded using the access code software and the instructor will grade the rest.

Geometry includes 1.5 hours a week of live instruction.  A dynamic software program will be used to manage assignments and store grades. Approximately 1/2 of the assignments will be accessed online. The rest will be given as handouts or as assignments from the book.