7th Grade Humanities (History/Literature)


Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1:20-2:25pm


Humanities II is a combined History and Literature course.  Students must be enrolled in both.


Tuition - $665. $124 paid at time of registration. Remainder of tuition will be billed in 9 equal payments beginning August 2019.

For the 2019-2020 academic year, our humanities history and literature classes for all ages will focus on modern times, from the Civil War 


These courses, comprised of both history and literature studies, are the core classes at Heritage. Why? In humanities we encounter great books, we discuss deep ideas, and we are shaped by the stories and characters that we read about. A good story ignites the imagination, forms the soul, shapes a person’s perception of God, self, and life. It is through good literature that children (and adults) perceive what is true, pursue what is beautiful, and grow in wisdom and virtue. In short, our humanities classes are soul shaping because they provide a time for contemplation and conversation centered around the truths of Scripture.  

Heritage Humanities classes are on a 4 year rotation:  Antiquity, Christendom, Early Modern, and Modernity


History:  Students will follow the course of global events from 1850-present. Geography and timeline cards will be included in-context. This class will feature history discussion as well as embodied learning through various activities. 

Literature:  Through fairy tales, myths, legends, fables, and classic novels, students will be inspired to seek delight in reading. In class, teachers will lead explorations into literary structure, meaning, and purpose, while looking for evidence of “Big Ideas” throughout the selected texts. These “Big Ideas” include concepts such as goodness, truth, beauty, faith, and courage. Class time will consist of Socratic discussions in which students interact with the author’s ideas and our culture within a Biblical context. Students will be assigned weekly reading and journaling assignments and will write at least two essays, from the literature, in the high school English class.