7th Grade Earth Science


Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:30-3:40pm


Individual Course Tuition - $665. $62 paid at time of registration. Remainder of tuition will be billed in 9 equal payments beginning August 2019.

“Earth Science should be about much more than learning about rocks and mountains and the seasons. Think about how huge God’s mandate to humans is that we are to steward and exhibit vice regency over creation! . . .

Within the context of the fascinating study of landforms, minerals and planetary phenomena, many other timely and important topics are covered (in this text) including conservation of natural resources, climate change, pollution, environmental justice, and the current scientific consensus concerning earth’s history. . . the narrative is in the voice of a Christian believer who loves science; the Christian worldview is integrated in a mature, elegant way.”- The Novare website


During the Monday class, hands-on labs will be completed and students will work in groups to master homework assignments.  Eight to ten labs throughout the year will be used to teach the scientific method, observation, lab notebooking, and an introduction to lab report writing.  Students will read about and discuss current views on the origin of the earth including:  young earth creation, old earth creation, theistic evolution, and evolution/big bang.  At home each week, students will read, answer questions from the text, review previous material, and take a weekly quiz.  This is a challenging mastery based program and the method and assignments are designed so that students re-encounter important concepts from the beginning of the book all the way to the end.  We are sure that your student will enjoy this in-depth study of the wonder of God’s world and our role as Christ’s disciples.

Plan for 45-60 minutes per day, 3 days per week, to complete course work.